Formula Kite: The new era of Olympic kitesurfing

The debut of kitesurfing in Paris 2024 will be made with Formula Kite, a modality that elevates the sport to new heights of speed, precision and spectacle.

Formula Kite has become the spearhead of competitive kitesurfing. Its debut at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will boost its development and open the door to a new generation of talented riders.

Formula Kite combines a hydrofoil board with a kite – of different sizes depending on the wind conditions – which allows super high speeds. With little wind, speeds of up to fifty kilometers per hour can be reached. This discipline therefore consists of regattas. Many riders, who were used to competing in jumps and pirouettes, have had to adapt to a race format in which they perform a slalom or windward-leeward course following buoys with expertise to overtake rivals. It is one of the fastest events in the Olympics.

It is a discipline that requires skill and strategy as the kitesurfers will have to be able to make decisions in real time according to wind and wave conditions. The Spanish team is classified among 20 countries. Eight places will be distributed and the athletes are already undergoing hard training in different spots around the world to be among the best.

The International Sailing Federation has confirmed a multi-step qualification system. In the 2024 Olympics there will be several Formula Kite events, both male and female. Among the female promises is Gisela Pulido, and the Valencian Alejandro Climent will be our male representative, who was proclaimed winner of the Formula Kite Spain Series 2023 held in Tarifa. Among the rivals of our champions, there is Lauriane Nolot, second in the world ranking of Formula Kite, as well as the Italian Riccardo Pianosi and the French Maxime Nocher.

Since the announcement of kitesurfing’s debut at the Olympic Games, many countries have developed programs to promote junior kitesurfing. In short, the debut of Formula Kite in Paris 2024 is a historic event that will mark a before and after in the development of kitesurfing. A new chapter full of excitement, speed and spectacle is about to begin.

We share with you a video of this amazing kitesurfing discipline that has come to stay to see if you feel like getting into kitesurfing with first class professionals like our instructors.

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