Who are we?

Radikite is the result of Javi’s eagerness to change the concept of a kitesurf school in Tarifa by creating a product which is in constant evolution, adapting to the new world and offering a personalized service.

We are fortunate to have a great team of professionals and to be able to have a great time while doing our work. We love what we do and we put a lot of effort into it for things to go well, and that wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the amazing team with which we surround ourselves and have done in the past: Tommaso, Maciej, Iñaki, Norberto… We all do our bit and being able to combine our work with the sport we’re passionate about is a privilege that makes us very happy. As a consequence it becomes contagious, which we love. After all, our goal is to have fun and to get you hooked on our way of life. Radikite Tarifa, changing lifestyles.
Iñaki - Instructor en Radikite tARIFA


Born in Pamplona, has always been passionate about the sea which is why he moved to Tarifa 7 years ago. Since then he teaches kitesurfing at all levels. Very committed, will never say no to anything and you’ll have a great time. Always has a smile on his face which makes everyone’s day. With him, you’ll feel motivated constantly.


  • Sports Technician n1 in kiteboarding by FAV (Andalusian Sailing Federation)
  • IKO level 2 (International Kiteboarding Organization).
  • Yacht Captain Licence.
Javier - Manager / Instructor en Radikite tARIFA

Manager / Instructor

Born in Madrid but whose whole life has been very closely linked to the sea and all kinds of water sports.
With 8 years teaching experience and having over 200 students every year. His lessons are very didactic and dynamic at the same time, giving students a sense of security at all times


  • Sports Technician n1 in kiteboarding by FAV (Andalusian Sailing Federation)
  • IKO level 2 (International Kiteboarding Organization)

Specialties: freeride, freestyle, hydrofoil.

What requirements must the instructors comply?

The experience and correct attitude to teach of course, but also:

  • Certified by the Andalusian Sailing Federation, the only legal degree to teach in Spain.
  • International IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization).
  • Must be registered with Social Security.

All this is important for an insurance to cover in the event of an accident. At Radikite we meet all these requirements

What formal requirements must the school adhere to?

The school you choose must be certified by the Tarifa town hall, Environment and the Junta de Andalucía – (Our register number is AT/CA/00253).

They must also have an accident and liability insurance.

Is the equipment important?

VERY IMPORTANT. We have the best equipment from North Kiteboarding, undisputable leading brand on the market and we renew it every year to have the latest in innovation and safety. We also adapt it to you so that your learning process is as fast as possible. We don’t use foils or acrobatic kites during any stage of the course, from the very beginning you will be learning with inflatable kitesurfing kites, the same ones any experienced kitesurfer would use.

What factors should I be taking into account when choosing a kitesurfing school?

The most important thing is a positive attitude and the instructor’s qualification, at the end of the day it’s “the people” who are the key of a good service. You can find out how professional we truly are on Tripadvisor.

The quality and condition of the equipment is also very important. At Radikite we are especially careful about this. We have all the best equipment from leading brands which we renew every year so it’s in perfect condition, and also to have the latest when it comes to innovation and safety.

It’s just me or a friend and I. Can I do a group course?

Of course, we take care of arranging groups with people of an equal level.

What’s the difference between a group and a private course?

Group courses are a great way to discover and get a first taste of kitesurfing at an affordable price. But if what you want is to learn as fast as possible, we recommend private courses in which the progress is greater.

A good option is to first take a full group course and then to do some private tutoring lessons to perfect your skill.

What if I can’t take my course due to weather conditions?

In Tarifa we have more than 300 windy days a year, so it’s rare for this happen. Even so, we will only charge the hours that you are being taught. If any hours are cancelled because of any weather conditions, we will give you your money back for those corresponding hours.

Is it dangerous?

As any sport it does have its risks, however, caution minimizes them. It’s normal that you may have some fears, but in almost every case they vanish as soon as you feel that you have complete control of everything that’s happening at all time. In addition, our instructors are trained to teach you how to keep control of your kite and to know what the boundaries are, giving you a sense of security.

How long does it take to learn?

Nobody can promise you that in 3 days you will end up jumping around like a pro. But our three-day course is designed to give you in those 9 hours a firm grounding with which you can then practice and continue learning on your own. Every student is different and at Radikite we know it, so we adapt the teaching methodology to each individual according to their needs, skills and physical condition.

Can anyone kitesurf?

The answer is yes. Kitesurfing seems like a sport of strength, but it’s not. We work with technique and by setting small goals which gradually you’ll be able to overcome. This wonderful sport is starting to be enjoyed more and more by children and older people.

Your kiteschool in Tarifa 5 reasons to come to Radikite
1 Seriousness, professionalism and commitment:

Our clients opinion endorse us

Radikite Tripadvisor
2 Equipment: We use leading brands in each sector which are renewed every season North Kiteboarding ion-products
3 Official school

We're endorsed by Tarifa's town hall, the environment and the Junta de Andalucia

Federación Andaluza de Vela Iko Instructors Junta de Andalucía Ayuntamiento de Tarifa
4 Return Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied or the conditions are not adequate we will refund your money

Garantía Radikite
5 Our establishment is near the beach

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11380, Tarifa, Cádiz
(+34) 616 185 651

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