Why are we the best kitesurfing school in Tarifa? 10 reasons

Okay, perhaps the title of this article may sound like we are bragging, but far from subjectivity, we will make an effort to convince you with arguments of why we believe we are, if not the best, one of the best kitesurfing schools in Tarifa.

It will only take you a minute to read it, and we promise that it will be useful for your decision, regardless of whether you choose us or not.

    1. best kitesurfing school tarifaWe are the only school with facilities right on the beach in the exclusive area designated for schools and kitesurfing in Tarifa. You have no idea how convenient it is to be able to put on your wetsuit inside the school, leave your belongings safely, and not have to travel back to the city center to retrieve them when you finish the activity. Besides, we often head straight to the “apreskite” after the activity, and you can come along with us. Don’t know what that is? It is a term we coined in Tarifa to refer to everyone gathering at the beach bar at sunset, having a magical closure to the day by cooling off with a delicious mojito and enjoying unforgettable sunsets.
    2. We are located at the best kitesurfing spot in Tarifa, Playa de Los Lances. If you want to know why, you can read another post where we extensively discuss all the spots in Tarifa, their characteristics, and suitability for kitesurfing. Another option is Valdevaqueros, but it is so crowded that the traffic jams to get there, find parking, and secure a spot on the beach to set up your kite can be stressful and unnecessary during your vacation.
    3. We are an established professional school with extensive experience in teaching kitesurfing. We have been offering kitesurfing courses in Tarifa for over ten years, and our instructors are certified by the Andalusian Sailing Federation. Additionally, Javi, as the school’s manager and instructor, teaches courses for new instructors in the Federation, overseeing the training of all aspiring kite monitors and coaches. Students only have positive words for them due to their dedication, patience, and clear explanations.
    4. Safety is our top priority. We integrate walkie-talkies into the helmets so that students and instructors never lose communication. Furthermore, we are connected with support boat services that will come to your aid if you encounter any difficulties and bring you back to the shore. We are meticulous in monitoring weather conditions, which are crucial in this sport. We do not hold classes if the weather is unfavorable or poses a risk.
    5. Money-back guarantee: Whether you are not satisfied with the classes or we had to cancel them due to weather conditions, you will receive a full refund for the uncompleted class hours.
    6. Brand new equipment, renewed every year: We use equipment from the prestigious and highly sought-after brand, Duotone Kiteboarding, which we renew annually to ensure you always have the latest features (practicing with state-of-the-art safety systems using equipment in perfect condition). To give you an idea, you will be taking your course with the same kite model used by the best professional riders in the world championship.
    7. Our students speak highly of us: You can check the reviews of our kitesurfing school on Google Maps or TripAdvisor, and you will see that we are highly regarded. We strive to improve every year because what makes us happy is knowing that you have learned or enjoyed an unforgettable experience.
    8. More than just instructors, we are friends! We make an effort to ensure our relationship does not end after your course. We love it when you call us to go kiteboarding with us once you become independent. We are always ready to help and provide advice at the beach when you go on your own. We take pride in seeing your progress and how our sport has hooked you.
    9. School for children: More and more parents trust us with their little ones, and they truly are our best students. We take great care to ensure favorable conditions for them. We have even taught children as young as 7 years old.
    10. Trust and transparency: If you decide to join us, we guarantee the utmost honesty and professionalism. We not only meet but also exceed all our legal obligations to carry out our activities, which unfortunately is not the case in some instances within our industry. We put ourselves in your shoes and evaluate what is best for you to provide the best possible advice. We are flexible and adapt to your needs.

If, after reading this article and comparing schools, you still have doubts, feel free to contact us through the contact form or call us at (+34) 616 185 651.

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